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Brand New Start!

SO, fishytank was officially compromised due to the lack of maintenance on my part after so many years of inactivity. Between killing it off by hiding it behind a maintenance page and reviving it, I kinda chose the latter.

To my surprise, I actually managed to recall enough of whatever is left of the knowledge from my IT diploma to revive this site. It feels quite good actually, almost feels like the compromise was a blessing in disguise.

On a separate note, as much as it is a brand new start for fishytank, it's gonna be a brand new start for me soon too. Let's hope all goes well!


It’s finally here!

Autobots, Rollout!

It’s On!

Everything’s been confirmed. And its really not bad. But guess I’ll be eating grass till May 12.

Please let a miracle happen. Sigh.

Random Thoughts

Made a decision recently, hopefully its a correct one. But then again, who am I to say when I haven’t even know whether I’m successful?

It kinda suck to be unemployed really, what a bad time to graduate. I wanna have my own income!

Lets hope I succeed.

New Phase!

It’s a new chapter in your life and I’m sure you will find it enriching.

Good luck! I look forward in seeing you come back a stronger and better person!


Post Nihon Syndrome

It’s over. One month seemed to have went by so quickly.

I must go back!

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East Coast Park

I happened to have the chance to go to the East Coast Park today. Although its rather far away, I think its actually quite a nice place to relax the mind.

I love the sea and planes, and I got to enjoy both of what I love there.

I forgot my camera, but the view was so nice that I couldn’t resist using my phone’s camera to capture it before its gone.




And I’m 24.

Thanks to everyone who remembered and celebrated for me in one way or another. I really appreciate it no matter how big or small.

But still on birthdays, you always hope for some people to be here with you, to share your joy.

I apologise if I looked or seemed down, but it’s been like that for 2 consecutive birthdays already.

Anyway, I’m really touched so many people actually remembered and even went through so much trouble to give me a celebration!

Thank You!

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