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Theory Of Ignorance

Yesterday while listening to chinese new year songs on the radio, I came out with another great theory.

“If enough people believe that it is not chinese new year, it won’t be chinese new year even if the calendar says so.”

Say for example, nobody in Singapore plays chinese new year songs everywhere, no decorations are put up and everyone tells you it is not chinese new year, you will come to accept the fact that it is not chinese new year even as the calendar says so.

Another obvious example would be, if tomorrow every single one of your friends and family members greets you “Happy Birthday!!” when they meet you, you will start to question and believe that tomorrow is in fact your birthday.

Maybe I should write a thesis paper on “How communications affect perception.” Then again, my other theory “The nearer you are to your destination, the higher the possibility of you being late” is also a very good topic to explore.

OMG, I’m such a genius. HAHAHAHA

Chiong Chiong Chiong, For What?

Rushed like mad even though I was so tired due to the lack of sleep.

Turned out everything was a big mistake in the end.

Maybe I should have just stuck to the original plan. At least it won’t seem like I’m trying too hard.

Well, at least I finished my work ahead of schedule.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Fabian! Hope you get your ultimate birthday present soon!

Good night fishy, you’ve been a great starfish. See you tomorrow!


A few years ago, a story that was discovered on the Internet by Chee Boon touched me to tears. It made me want to find out whether the story was real and whether or not the characters really went through it all.

That story was “Dolce Vita”.

Then a few days back upon reading the synopsis of 93.3 DJ Dennis Chew’s play titled “第一次的亲密接触”, I came to realise that “Dolce Vita” was actually based on this story written by a Taiwanese. Of course, I went to read the original version.

I was touched to tears all over again, this time by a more complete version. Most importantly, I found the answer to the question I have always wanted the answer to. “第一次的亲密接触” was based on a real story, sadly. How else could the writer describe everything in such detail?




I guess this would be the defining paragraph of the story. If you are interested in the original story in chinese as well, here’s the link. If you have someone dear, go give him or her a hug after reading it. I’m quite sure you will feel like doing that.

Ho Seh

“You are reminded to PASS your IPPT before your next birthday. You should book your IPPT now if you have not done so.”

With a bulging tummy and more fats than muscles now, HOW TO PASS?!!!! They need to put the “PASS” in CAPS or not!!!

Holy Shit!

The New Pet!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you… Crappy the Crab!


An extremely great escape artist, Crappy is always trying to find a way out of the tank. In fact, he actually succeeded once and managed to climb on top of the filter! I was so shocked that I immediately rolled up a piece of paper to try to push him back into the tank. He fell back in himself out of fear in the end, haha, he should be more shocked than me. Yanwen told me that his constant effort in trying to escape shows how unhappy he is with his life in the tank and I should do some soul searching as his owner. LOL.

Since he’s like the novelty pet in my family, everyone loves to disturb him. Everyone will definitely put their hand into the tank and try to see what he will do, of which he will almost always run away and hide inside his hole under the logs. Sometimes my dad will even put in a piece of raw prawn as a treat for him and it’s always interesting to see him feed.

Now I’m actually hoping for the day Crappy actually molts, because that will mean that he is comfortable with his environment and is in good health. Maybe I will get him some “Crab Cuisine Pellets” because maybe only those pellets contain those essential minerals and nutrients he needs.

For now, Crappy is always seen contemplating his next move in climbing out of the tank and trying all kinds of tricks he can think of. But of course, I have shifted the positions of the logs so that it is just too big a leap for him to climb out. MUAHAHAHA!

So before he climbs out and disappear, here’s another close up of Crappy. Enjoy it while he’s still in the tank. LOL.


To Laugh Or To Cry?

I know it’s bad, but I laughed. Sorry.

Of The Small Little Things In Life

A colleague of mine just got admitted into hospital a few days ago for her gastric problem. She is now well and ok and was telling me about the great 7pm show on channel 8 that she began watching during her stay in the hospital.

This made me wonder. I know, everyone needs to work in order to survive in this modern world, but how many of us actually take a day off totally for ourselves, to enjoy the small little things in life that we have been missing? How many of us have been living our lives the way others want us to rather than the way we want to?

Sometimes I feel everyone should take a step back out of our busy daily life and start enjoying the small little things we have missed out every time due to our daily commitments.

Maybe it’s just me who needs a rest. It’s really seldom I have a day all to myself. Hmm, looks like I should and must designate one such day before school reopens. LOL.

Oh. My. God.

Be amazed everyone, be very amazed.

It’s a 10 minutes long video, but trust me, it’s worth your time.

Ready, Get Set, GO!

Tomorrow will be the day this fish takes the Traffic Police Driving Test together with buddy, Mr X.

Armed with 488 blessings from friends and loved ones, how will he fare?

Stay tuned to this space for the results.

Friday’s The Day!

This Friday will be the day which will determine whether my friends like you can ask me to drive you around or not.

This Friday will also be the day which will determine whether I can give you guys free rides home late at night.

This Friday is my TP test – the day I’ve been looking forward to since I was born (ok, kidding. lol).

So come on my friends, wish me luck!

blessings received so far.

This counter is made by Mr X, originally for someone else, but still I must thank him. WHAHAHA, go look at his blog, he has one himself. And sad to say, there’s another image he has if I fail. HAHA, so NO! I cannot give him the chance to publish that image for me!

OK guys, wish me luck! And if I pass, all of you will receive a “Let JiaTao Send You Home” voucher valid for as long as I wish. Terms and Conditions Applies. LOL.