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This is a post about Yanwen, purely about Yanwen.

The End.

Life In Eight Easy Steps


HAHAHA, so true. Almost like my life now. LOL

Of Xael

This entry is entirely aimed at Mr Tan Chee Boon.

A random search for the word “Xael” on the popular search engine google returns this following website. Interesting!


Now How?


So now means customers using American Express cards should pull open the door whereas customers using Visa cards should push open the door huh? LOL.


Fierce leh! LOL.

The Wonderful Feeling Of Being Penniless

Chee Boon: I thought you said you no money already? What “the penniless feeling” or something one?

Me: It’s “the wonderful feeling of being penniless la”.

Chee Boon: Ya, and Raymond will never ever feel that way.

Me: Huh? Why?

Chee Boon: Because Penny is his girlfriend! WHAHAHA.


Selina: Eh, quite idea ah! HAHA.

Of Outrageous Creativity

Youtube killed the undergrad. Period.

This is like how creative! Please take note of the clam which closes up when a fish approached it. Ultra hilarious! HAHA, enjoy!

Of Stupid Statements

Xuan: I think watermelons are one of the best fruits, it has a really unique taste. Don’t you think so?

Me: … Can you tell me which fruit don’t have an unique taste of its own?

Xuan (laughing at his own stupidity): eh, let me think..


Of One Academic Year

b E r N i C e* said:
me and melissa were saying that

b E r N i C e* said:
actually each semester we only have two weeks of school

b E r N i C e* said:
that is the reading and the exam week

b E r N i C e* said:
technically in this case each year we only study one month

JiaTao – said:
HAHAHA, that’s a nice way to think.

Considering how much I slack through the semester, this is really kinda true. HAHAHA

Of Olympus’s Creativity

Recently my blog was filled with unhappy stuff, so here’s a funny video for a change.

Now this is what we call “Creativity”. lol