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Of Bad Dreams

The worst dream you can get before an exam is dreaming that you forgot to bring your notes for an open book exam.

Tamade. Imagine the panic.

Recently I’ve been having difficulties getting to sleep. I always have things running through my head at the wrong time. And when I finally fall asleep, I’m often left with just a few hours of sleeping time.

Damn. Must be the exams.

Of Relevance

Cups of coffee to sustain the late night mugging: Less than $2.00
Sociology Textbook: Around $30.00
Coming to know that most of what you just read from the textbook is not relevant in the exam: PRICELESS


Of Sushi Om

If anyone of you are thinking of trying out the new sushi restaurant along Thomson road called “Sushi OM”, DON’T.

It’s definitely a “Hei Dian” and Dear and me got cheated. The staff there kept introducing dishes that are not listed on their menu without telling you the price. And after you ordered and the bill comes, you are in for a shock, A BIG SHOCK.

5 pieces of yellow-tail sashimi cost a whopping $15 BUCKS OK?! That is $3 per piece and every piece you put into your mouth, you are actually eating a bowl of trusty old Bah Chor Mee.

It’s such a despicable way of doing business man. Sigh, no more next time!

Roach Outbreak!

In my humble opinion, roaches are one of the most disgusting creatures on earth. Just looking at its head is disgusting enough.

Recently there is a Roach Outbreak in my home, maybe due to the insecure rubbish chute which is a little faulty. I heard Pandan leaves drive away cockroaches and if anyone can confirm this fact, I’m going to buy a whole lot of Pandan leaves to spread around my home. LOL

However if all else fail, I will have to activate my all powerful Mortein, which promises to kill cockroaches in less than 5 seconds. DIE ROACHES, DIE!

Of 20 Cents

We are already paying for alot of things, why still must pay to relieve ourselves? WHY?!

I’ve always been very much against the idea of paying for the use of toilets. I know the aunties or uncles cleaning the toilet need to earn a living, but then they should be given a fixed salary by the management of the place where the toilet is what.

This is too much! It’s not the money that matters leh, it’s the ethicality that I’m questioning now. Imagine someone who needs the toilet very urgently and finally found the toilet after a long walk. Are you going to deny him the usage just because he’ve got no money on him at that time? How can like that?!

So in conclusion, I argue that the usage of all toilets in Singapore should be free! So, what do you guys think?

About Being Selfish

Monday afternoon, I was stupid enough to remember wrongly the lecture theatre I’m supposed to go and ended up at LT11, where 4 of my 5 lectures are held. But my stupidity is not the point.

When I arrived outside the LT 20 minutes earlier, I saw a group of 3 chinese students from China talking loudly and walking towards the LT. Once outside the LT, they immediately went to stand next to the door of the LT, wanting to be the first to get in once the previous lecture ends, yanking non-stop all the while.

When the students clears from the inside of the LT, they rushed in and occupied the 3 seats in the middle row that is supposedly the best seats where you can see everything clearly and then proceeded to use their bags to reserve a few more seats for their friends.

I didn’t see their friends come in, because by that time I’ve already realised that I was in the wrong LT and left in a hurry. But seriously, is there a need to be so competitive? So much so that you even have to have the best seats! It’s not as if you won’t perform as well if you are sitting in any other seats right? In my opinion, students from China are mostly selfish and only care about themselves. They will only want to borrow your notes but never want to lend you theirs for fear you can surpass them. WTH.

We are all students, if you can study and do well, then good la, but there is really no need for you to be so selfish la, at the expense of other students.


What is it with people giving out my phone number to strangers without even asking me nowadays?! Do you have any basic form of respect? This is not the first time it happened already, and it’s pissing me off!

The first time was an insurance agent, bugging me almost everyday when I was in the hospital tending to my grandmother. Please, I already told her that I’m not in a mood to talk about whatever she’s offering and yet she kept calling! Then after telling my friend, he apologised and told her to stop pestering me. In a bid to keep me as a potential customer, she smsed me sending her regards to my grandmother. Seriously, I feel that it’s so hypocritical can? If not for earning my money, she will care?

And this time it’s one financial planner from one company I never heard of. Call me ignorant, but I really have no idea where this guy is from. He told me one of my army mates engaged his service and found it so useful that he gave him my phone number and told him to come and HELP me plan my future. When I politely told him I’m studying and totally not interested in this yet, he kept requesting to meet up, even after I ask him why he’s so persistant. He even said “No no, your friend told me to help you, so I am obliged to talk to you and let you benefit from the things I have to offer you”. ARGH~! WTH?! After all these that happened, I still haven’t heard anything from this friend who gave that guy my phone number, not even a msg informing me of what he have done. Thanks lor, for your interest in helping me, maybe you just wanna get that guy off your back huh?

Where is the basic courtesy? I thought the first step to giving a friend’s number to a complete stranger is to at least let the friend know and seek his permission? If you can just simply give out any of your friend’s number, then why not let all the names and telephone numbers be listed in the phone directory? You have my number because you are my friend, but I have no bloody intention to give my number to any other stranger! Isn’t this very straight forward?

Now I still have to think of a way to tell that stranger that I’m really not interested to meet him! All because of your kind act, FRIEND!

Tired of bus fare hikes?

Here comes the TAXI FARE INCREASE! Woohoo! Good news everybody! I just heard from the news that all Comfort and CityCab taxis will have a starting fare of $2.50 instead of the usual $2.40 and will travel less distance for every $0.10 jump in the meter!

Cool? There’s more! Instead of the usual $1, the peak hour surcharge is now $2! What’s more, the peak period will start from 7am, half an hour earlier everyday, so that more people will have to pay the $2 surcharge every morning!

I’m going to delete the Comfort and CityCab phone numbers from my handphone and avoid flagging down these cabs whenever I’m in a rush in the morning. I rather be late la, than to pay so much more. Or maybe, it is just time for me to stop taking cabs altogether. HAHA, or maybe just Comfort and CityCab ones.

Joke? It’s not funny lor.

Seriously, why should neighbours be so hostile to each other? We really never do anything wrong to him what, why must he hate us so much?

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Luckily he is no longer in power, that was the best thing that ever happened. lol.

Smokers and smoking

I hate cigarettes. I know the tax for the cigarettes is a big income for the country, so we cannot ban it. But nevertheless, I really hate the person who invented cigarettes.

Smokers are not irritating, what is irritating are the things they do.

1. They spit – Why spit? In public places somemore! If you wanna spit, spit in the toilet or something, but why the public places? Why make the place so dirty just because you are smoking? If you don’t like the taste in your mouth, why smoke in the first place?

2. They litter – Walk around where you live or where you work, how many cigarette butts do you see on the ground? Countless. Let me tell you something, in camp, it’s 100 times worse. Why just throw it on the floor when you can walk to a dustbin? Singapore has countless dustbins, but I really think smokers can’t see them.
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3. They spoil their health – Almost all smokers I know coughs in one way or another. I think this is only one of the many harm smoking does to your body. Why choose to damage your body voluntarily? I really don’t understand. Smoking is something that has totally no benefits whatsoever, it is there just to spoil your health, cheat your money and give you bad breath.

4. They spoil the health of their family members – I have seen so many mothers smoking while with their young children. Second hand smoke is proven to be more damaging than cigarette smoke, yet they are subjecting all their family members to the smoke.

5. They are selfish – because they never spared a thought for non-smokers among them. When they are out in a group, smokers smoke, while the non-smokers have to endure the smell and the smoke coming from them. Why? There isn’t even a single bit of respect.

6. Smoking makes you stink – Cigarettes make your mouth and hand stink from the smoke and also linger in your clothes FOREVER until you bring it to the washing. Everyone can smell a smoker when he or she walks past. Why make yourself so smelly? No amount of perfume or number of lozenges will help when you just can’t stop smoking.

I REALLY DON’T UNDERSTAND! Seriously, I don’t mind people smoking, it’s their own preference. But pls, at least stop blowing your stupid smoke straight into the face of non-smokers. It’s not funny and we really don’t like it, give us some basic respect, just like we respect your preference of being a smoker can?

** I’m not against any smokers here, I have alot of smoker friends who have very nice characters. I’m just highlighting the many things they do that I don’t like. **