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Of Miracles and Dreams

So miracles do happen and dreams do come true!

During the good Friday weekend while I was enjoying myself in Malaysia stuck in traffic jams and waiting for buses, the holy paycheck was credited into my bank account! I guess I got saved from eating grass all the way till May 12.

It feels really good to know that I can finally contribute, no doubt in a small way, to the family. After so many years of dependency on others, its good to know that I can finally be depended on.

Work had been generally good so far, although sometimes I do see similarities to the corporate world in my field. Work gets pushed away to somebody more junior and things like that. But that aside, some students really make my day. At the end of the day, seeing some naughty students change for the better can be really satisfying.

Oh. One more thing about me realising one of my long time dream. Ladies and Gentlemen, hold and behold! The Delonghi EC155 Espresso Maker!


I’m a sucker for coffee, like really. And so, it is only logical for me to become a barista myself! HAHA! This entry level espresso maker is quite adequate for my needs right now and is keeping me occupied every night! Goodbye Coffeebean! Hello Jiataobean!

So drop over for some coffee sometimes, ya’ hear? Woohoo!

PS: Recent outings with the Girlfriend were rather meaningful and enjoyable. Please visit her blog for more details. =)


Happy Birthday Dear! Hope you will have a totally enjoyable day!

Love you loads!


Yay! Finally! My first Taiwan trip! Can go and play 食字路口 on my own already! I’ll be back on the 25th May, so till then, if you need to contact me, just call!

Of course, calls will be charged on a per minute basis and I am glad to be of service to you. Muahahaha!

A Blessing For A Special Friend

In 2001 when I first entered NYP for my IT diploma, I met a girl. This girl went on to become one of my best friends till today.

And today is the day she is getting married.

Congratulations Boss/Lao Da/Crystal/Meiling.

All the best, I wish both of you everlasting bliss from the bottom of my heart.





Most of you should have already known, but still I must make the announcement!


With a total of 10 demerit points for insufficient acceleration and speed too slow. But now, WHO CARES! LOL

Now, quoting Yi Zhong, “mounting a kerb is now considered an accident and not an immediate failure!”. HAHAHA

So of course, everyone who passed would wanna drive almost immediately, so lucky for me, Mr X’s brother happened to be out of town for the weekend and I got the chance to drive a Kia Picanto around for one entire morning. Drove Yanwen out for breakfast then to a place where is not very accessible without a car to let her enjoy the scenic view of the entire Peirce Reservoir.

Of course, many thanks to Mr X for trusting me with the car. LOL.

Then yesterday, after borrowing a car from Yanwen’s elder brother, we managed to go wherever we wanted to without having to change bus or mrt. We even went to Sentosa to enjoy the sea breeze. Ah, the joys and convenience of having a car. HAHA.

Now the next target is to hopefully get my own car, which in fact is highly impossible until at least I graduate.

ARGH! How I wish I’m already earning my own keep!

OK, The Fish Is Still Alive!

I know it’s almost 10 days since I last posted saying that I will update the next day. LOL.

Anyway, I have decided! For full details of the Mafia trip to Genting Highlands, please kindly refer to Chee Boon’s Post. What he wrote is already a complete chronicle of the trip, and me writing another one will be a duplication of effort, which is totally unhealthy – to me. HAHAHA.

On a better note, did you guys read the papers? The authorities are going to ban smoking in pubs and clubs! WOOHOO! No more smoke-filled night scene! Smokers can go gather together and smoke, since they all have the same interest and enjoy second hand smoke so much! Not happy ah? DON’T SMOKE LOR! MUAHAHA!

Coming Thursday – Vesak Day, I’m going to work! At the IT show at Suntec selling laptops. Hopefully can earn more money to top up my bank account which is losing money at an alarming rate. So please, anyone wants to buy laptop please come to me at the Asus booth! I give you all more freebies ok?

Alright, that’s about all to prove to you that I’m still alive. Hahaha.

Till next time!


Yay! Everything’s over! Now it’s time to play!

BUT. I desperately need a job. HAHA, so if you guys have any lobangs or happened to know some rich boss or something, please put in a good word for me and recommend me that job ok? Thanks!

17 More Days!

17 more days to…


S.H.E’s latest album! It’s been such a long wait! And their latest single, 中国话 is really nice!

OMG, I really can’t wait!

My Birthday Celebration – The Yanwen Style

I spent the actual day of my birthday with Dear, who went to a great extent to plan the trip. From which buses to take to the approximate arrival time of the buses, she did all her homework beforehand.

Due to some confidential reasons, the celebration was a simple one and we promised each other that we will have one grand celebration soon.

We went to Labrador Park and took some photos before going for dinner and back to her place for my ultimate surprise.

A couple (not us) against the sunset.

The beautiful sunset.

When we got to her place after dinner, she shoved me into her room while she went to prepare my surprise. I thought Dear would come in with a bottle of cookies or something, but I was wrong! She came in with a big big chocolate cake she made herself! Honestly I was quite touched, because I never expected anything like this. Turns out she did it because she remembered me saying I was quite envious because someone made a cake for my brother on his birthday. (*lol at xuan)

Thank you so much Dear, for the wonderful day and the lovely cake! And your acting skill is getting better, better don’t use it for other purpose k.. HAHAHA.

PS: Also I would like to thank everyone who remembered and wished me happy birthday either through calls, SMSes, Friendster and e-mail! Thank you all for remembering, I really appreciate it alot! I have great friends!