BERT Announcement

In view of the current positive outlook, I shall now officially dissolve BERT and all its subsidiaries including the BERT Headquarters at Thomson Road. All standby counselors are to resume their normal duties and our visiting counselor, NoName the parrot will resume his normal irritating screaming.

The Breakup Emergency Response Team (BERT) was first commissioned in the first half of the year almost immediately after a crisis struck and was on constant standby to prevent further tragedies from happening. There were 3 teams of counselors working round the clock in shifts to provide all rounded support 24/7. The BERT HQ was then set up soon after to act as a base for operations.

We are proud to say that we have successfully adverted the crisis and as of now, BERT and BERT HQ have become disposable. This is indeed a good thing and I am happy to announce that BERT will no longer be available again for similar crisis occurring in the future.

Signing off,
Captain Fish,
Head, BERT HQ Command

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