And I’m 24.

Thanks to everyone who remembered and celebrated for me in one way or another. I really appreciate it no matter how big or small.

But still on birthdays, you always hope for some people to be here with you, to share your joy.

I apologise if I looked or seemed down, but it’s been like that for 2 consecutive birthdays already.

Anyway, I’m really touched so many people actually remembered and even went through so much trouble to give me a celebration!

Thank You!

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Dreams and Reality

If there is anything I can do to buy back a day spent with you, I would do anything and give up everything to spend as many days with you as possible again.

If it is possible to call you and talk to you, I would do it no matter what the telephone charges are.

If there is really a dream pillow, I would choose to dream of you everyday.

I know, Ah Ma. I know you are trying to tell me you are doing well, but I still woke up missing you a lot. In fact, I was trying not to wake up. At least in the dream, I get to talk to you once again. Something I hoped for everyday.

I want your advice on many things, I want to ask you for your opinion, I want you to share with me stories when you were younger and I want you to hear me complain about everything.

You are the one who will comfort me after hearing me complain and motivate me to carry on. You are the one who knows everything about me. You are also the one who wants to give me the best things you can.

You’ve loved me, unconditionally. But as for me, I feel I could have done so much more things for you.

I miss you, my dearest Ah Ma.

A Wonderful Feeling

I almost forgot how it felt like to have a proper meal.

This dinner, though a little later, was the best meal I had this week.

And its only week 3.

Seriously exhausted, seriously..

I Love My Timetable!

Oh yes! My timetable is finally finalised and I’m loving every single day of my five-days work week! Woohoo!

Mondays are from 10am to 4pm all the way non-stop hits followed by another tutorial from 6pm to 7pm. 10am – 7pm is like so COOL!

Tuesdays are from 12pm – 4pm, Wednesdays are from 4pm – 8pm.

Thursdays rock as well! Begins at 8am all the way to 12pm, then a very considerate 4 hours break for me to waste away before another 1 hour tutorial from 4pm to 5pm.

Fridays are the best, because I simply need to go back for one lecture! How sweet right?

Totally looking forward to all my projects too! I shall not die! BRING IT ON! ROAR!!

Theory Of Ignorance

Yesterday while listening to chinese new year songs on the radio, I came out with another great theory.

“If enough people believe that it is not chinese new year, it won’t be chinese new year even if the calendar says so.”

Say for example, nobody in Singapore plays chinese new year songs everywhere, no decorations are put up and everyone tells you it is not chinese new year, you will come to accept the fact that it is not chinese new year even as the calendar says so.

Another obvious example would be, if tomorrow every single one of your friends and family members greets you “Happy Birthday!!” when they meet you, you will start to question and believe that tomorrow is in fact your birthday.

Maybe I should write a thesis paper on “How communications affect perception.” Then again, my other theory “The nearer you are to your destination, the higher the possibility of you being late” is also a very good topic to explore.

OMG, I’m such a genius. HAHAHAHA

Chiong Chiong Chiong, For What?

Rushed like mad even though I was so tired due to the lack of sleep.

Turned out everything was a big mistake in the end.

Maybe I should have just stuck to the original plan. At least it won’t seem like I’m trying too hard.

Well, at least I finished my work ahead of schedule.

Oh, and Happy Birthday Fabian! Hope you get your ultimate birthday present soon!

Good night fishy, you’ve been a great starfish. See you tomorrow!



I have 3 level 3000 modules this sem,

I am taking Japanese 3,

I have multiple assignments due every week for different modules,


I dunno how, but I will.

A Blessing For A Special Friend

In 2001 when I first entered NYP for my IT diploma, I met a girl. This girl went on to become one of my best friends till today.

And today is the day she is getting married.

Congratulations Boss/Lao Da/Crystal/Meiling.

All the best, I wish both of you everlasting bliss from the bottom of my heart.




一年前的现在 是我最后一次握着你的手,睡在你身旁的时候。我记得那天的天气跟今天很像。